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What We Do

In the simplest terms.


If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage. Rules to live by. It's not only how to tell a gripping story, but how to manage costs, above and below-the-line. Most battles are won before they're fought.


Assembling the right team for the job isn't just a matter of pulling out the latest directories. It's matching the skill sets to the equipment, and personalities to the performers. Talent must match the task.


Beyond producing a polished effort on-budget, on-schedule, maintaining a keen awareness of post-production and marketing needs from start to finish provides opportunities for success that might otherwise be missed.


Stuff we've done.

High Roller

Theatrical Trailer

High Roller

Stuey Plays Golf

Fylmz Interviews

Pre-launch Teaser


TV Spot

Superior Motors

TV Spot

A Matter of Choice

Industrial Film


How we got here.

  • 1987-1994

    A.W. Vidmer & Co.

    A.W. Vidmer & Co. was an advertising and marketing firm that had a specialty in corporate communication. We made our bones producing a variety of award-winning pieces here.

  • 1994-1998

    Towers Perrin

    When AWV was acquired by Towers Perrin, we took our game to the big leagues and had the opportunity to work with many of the Fortune 100. But there was more.

  • 1998


    awv|productions was born with a desire to develop bigger and more creative things, and in 2005, our feature High Roller was released by New Line Cinema. Available everywhere.

  • 2010

    Development & The Web

    As the concept of "production" evolves, we've worked hard to add to our skill sets, particularly when it comes to web technology. These days, delivery is nearly as important as the content.

  • = We're

The Team

We are what we need to be.



A. W. Vidmer

Writer, Director, Producer

Contract Network

Talent & Experience

Based on your needs, we build a team that fits from a network built over 25 years in the business. You don't pay for our overhead, you pay for results.

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